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Celebrate Anything You Like During a February/March Belize Vacation

Belize In March If your 2024 calendar has already been marked up to reflect special occasions and appointments, you may notice commitment-free days on which taking vacation time won’t be an inconvenience.

Browse your calendar to spot rivers of white space that are ideal for a winter escape. You could use Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, or St. Patrick’s Day as excuses to travel or you could get creative.

Holidays you can celebrate if you need a vacation excuse

•February 3rd is “Feed the Birds Day,” and since there are 580+ species flitting about Belize, you’ll have the ideal excuse to join them for winter sun.

•February 12th is “National Flip Flop Day.” Interpret this quasi-holiday any way you like, either by wearing your best pair of flip-flops or by substituting an adventurous Belize tour for one that looks too safe!

•February 18th is “National Drink Wine Day.” If you’ve yet to discover Belize’s burgeoning wine industry you’re in for a treat. Try the cashew and chocolate varieties to mark the occasion. Belize March Vacations •February 21st is “International Mother Language Day.” Belize’s ethnic mix is so colorful, you could hear Chinese, Mayan, Creole, Spanish, German, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, and Hindi being spoken on a casual walk. No worries about downloading translation apps: English is Belize’s main language.

•March 3rd is “International Wildlife Day.” Expect to be overwhelmed when you consider Belize’s jungles, forests, and waters because everything on board Noah’s Ark can be found in the country and offshore.

•March 14th is “International Fanny Pack Day,” an occasion for which travelers are very grateful. Where else will you keep your device, passport, and sunscreen if not in this hands-free carrier? Belize In Feb •March 20th is “Walk in the Sand Day,” so celebrate by visiting what travel writers call the best beaches in Central America along the Belize shore.

•March 31st is “Manatee Appreciation Day.” Few nations safeguard their resident manatees more than Belize where these gentle mammals are treated like royalty.

The best place to celebrate the holiday you choose

Book your February and/or March holiday at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel for myriad reasons, the most compelling of which is saving money. When you book directly, you get the best rates.
Belize February VacationsWhy highlight the exclusivity of this offer? Because while the property exudes grandeur, its boutique nature ensures a cozy, intimate experience. Getting a discount and availing yourself of resort perks – from Belize vacation packages, posh accommodations, and amenities that make staying at this elegant property an experience you won’t soon forget – is just the beginning of your good fortune.

Browse onsite amenities for a taste of paradise. Clear your calendar. Come for the fun. Come for Belize’s vast beauty, friendly people, and breathtaking activity choices and while you’re at it, save some money.

We should warn you: finding quirky holidays to justify a Belize vacation could be habit-forming!

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