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Got the Winter Blues? Escape to Belize and the World Will Look Rosy

Escape Winter and Vacation in Tropical BelizeName a hue that represents as many emotions as blue. It’s humanity’s favorite color, recalling calm, reflection, serenity, and clarity. It can also describe a lack of emotion, coldness, and aloofness, which is why the hue became a descriptor for winter sadness.

Would you like to trade your winter sadness for an ocean so blue, your heart melts at first sight and a sky so expansive, only the sun and a few clouds interrupt your reverie? Pack up your sad feelings, swimsuits, sunscreen, and flip flops, and head to Belize where you couldn’t stay in a blue mood if you tried!

Your choice of lodging can make or break your Belize vacation

The Ultimate Winter Escape is San Ignacio Belize (1)

Given Belize’s proximity to the U.S. and English-speaking populace, Belize is already the place you’ll feel most comfortable, but where you sojourn makes all the difference when it comes to your overall experience. Today’s savvy travelers are choosing the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for myriad reasons, that include this property’s uniqueness and collection of awards. The former luxury estate was transformed into the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in 1976, opening 17-acres of lush surroundings and vistas overlooking the Macal River at the foothills of the Maya Mountains to the delight of guests. Known as “the only jungle in town,” this boutique property is charmingly isolated yet it’s located in proximity to San Ignacio Town, a thriving mecca of cultural, culinary, and shopping delights.

Everything you crave is at your fingertips

The Ultimate Winter Escape is San Ignacio Belize

Guests of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel find so much to do on-premises, some prefer to stick around, swim in the pool, stroll medicinal gardens for a tea-tasting experience, enjoy in-room spa treatments, visit the onsite Green Iguana Conservation Project, spot 115+ species of birds during a guided tour take a “critters of the night” prowl rather than leaving the property. Those eager to explore Belize’s natural wonders love having an onsite tour desk to book excursions to Belize’s most intriguing places. Savvy guests save time and money by opting for the resort’s Belize vacation package deals, so they eliminate having to make decisions about accommodations, meals, and onsite amenities.

Returning guests won’t stay elsewhere

Escape Winter's Chill and Travel to Belize

Having snagged countless awards and welcomed repeat guests over the years, this award-winning Belize resort has become a tourism star in its own right, gathering accolades that have been known to make staff blush, but the one that is likely to compel you to come and stay are the words written by a woman whose biggest wish was to live at the resort forever! If you’ve longed to feel the same way after disappointing resort stays, you owe it to yourself to discover why the property’s staff, the environment, and amenities evoked such an enthusiastic request. We suspect that a big part of the reason she gave the property so many kudos is that it’s almost impossible to stay blue while sojourning at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Come visit. You may decide that you’d like to live here forever, too!

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