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Earlymoon in Belize

Escape the wedding madness & slip away together.

/ˈərlē, mo͞on/

     1. A well-earned break before you say ‘I do’

A recent survey highlighted on ABC News showed that 71% of engaged or newlywed couples say that planning a wedding is more stressful than purchasing a home or finding a job. Earlymoons are now the newest vacation trend for engaged couples and the perfect answer for those who need to unplug and reconnect before the big day.

The point is to take a break before taking your vows; run away from the madness of choosing the perfect napkin samples or seating charts and enjoy the much needed peace and serenity with your soon-to-be lifetime partner at the award-winning San Ignacio Resort Hotel (Belize).

Earlymoon Belize Vacation

Your escapade in our intimate 26-room Resort will offer you the opportunity to unwind in the Day Spa, take laps in the outdoor pool, or venture out to explore the Maya ruins nearby. You can stroll downtown, immerse yourself in the local culture, and return just in time for an exquisite meal. Discover romance, thrill, elegance, and tranquility—all of which are an essential ingredient to the ideal pre-wedding getaway recipe.

early moon

So before you send out those wedding invitations….stop. Take a deep breath and contact us to help you book your ideal Earlymoon package. Like Conde Nast Traveler says, “get out of the pre-wedding madness and remember why you are marrying this person in the first place” while you enjoy a soothing retreat in Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret.

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