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Family Fun in Belize: A Guide to 10 Must-Do Activities for a Memorable Trip with Kids (2024 Edition)

5 Epic Things to Do in Belize with Kids

The debate between parents who favor taking kids abroad and those who wouldn’t dream of doing so before they become teens is a polarizing topic, but for parents who look upon the magazine The New Scientist as a trustworthy guide, the reality is clear: The link between fun and “the development of authentic learning and long-term memory” skills is so powerful, kids who travel abroad are likely to be more precocious.

To prove this, scientists used neuroimaging and electroencephalography (EEG) tools that allowed observers to watch kids’ brains as typical lessons were taught. The difference between scans taken when run-of-the-mill lessons were taught versus captivating ones that added fun to the equation is nothing short of amazing.

What parent wouldn’t want their child to have the fun experience that happens to expand their minds and change the way they look at the world? If you agree, a family vacation in Belize could impact your offspring’s intellectual development big time! Masquerading as tours on the San Ignacio Resort Hotel menu, these 10 activities have the potential to expand your kids’ minds—and yours, too!

Brain stimulation 101

Here are the top 10 things your kids will want to experience during your 2024 stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where every one of these activities is on the menu:

1. Tour the Iguana Conservation Project, a one-of-a-kind, onsite installation that fascinates kids and adults alike. It’s frequently voted as one of Belize’s #1 attractions.

2. Introduce your children to a bit of history that will prompt them to pay more attention when they take geography classes by visiting the Cahal Pech Maya Ruins.

3. You won’t have to ask this question twice: How would you like to learn how to make chocolate? Give kids a taste and expect buy-in!

4. It’s vacation time and treats are part of the fun, so stopping at Ice Cream Shoppe in San Ignacio Town during your holiday activities should be on your itinerary.

5. The cuisine you’ll consume at the resort’s Running W Restaurant will introduce your kids to world-class dining, turning them into mini gourmets before you depart.

6. Even kids who balk at eating fish will appreciate the resort’s onsite Maya Fish Cooking Experience, a tour that includes both yummy food and a serving of history.

7. Let the kids stay up long enough to be part of a Critters of the Night Tour on the grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Youngsters call this activity “Awesome” and you’ll agree!

8. Bird watching at this unique property is so educational and fun, kids won’t have a clue that they’re learning about the nation’s vast number of avian species.

Belize Family Resorts

9. A swimming expedition to both Rio on Pools and Big Rock Waterfalls will forever spoil your kids who had no idea that bodies of water could be this exciting.

Belize Family Travel

10. Explore the San Ignacio Market. You’ll want to see it yourself and given the experiences youngsters enjoy during this fascinating family vacation, they won’t want to miss sharing this opportunity with you.

Belize Family Vacations

Can one destination in Belize deliver this many fun, adventure, joy, and curiosity-satisfying experiences? You bet. Bring the kids to this fabulous property and find out for yourself why the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a paradise for every family member eager to make memories guaranteed to last forever.

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