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Your Next Conference or Meeting Destination? Bring Your Employees to Paradise

Belize Conference Facilities

If recent disruptions impacted your favorite corporate activities, you’re probably thrilled with the gradual return to familiar routines, even if they’re not quite perfect. Among these cherished traditions, off-site retreats stand out. They offer employees the chance to connect with one another on a deeper, more personal level while focusing on objectives that might not be suited for regular office environments.

Will you stage your next conference or meeting at a pricey domestic venue or travel south to Belize to undertake your business getaway in an idyllic environment? Compare prices and benefits and you’ll be convinced that leaving the country just makes sense.

Sometimes, the further you travel the better the experience

Social scientists can verify the fact that by taking staff off-site, a company gains multiple benefits, including giving employees a fresh perspective, showing you appreciate and value them, and sojourning in a place designed for such gatherings, so distractions are fewer. 

Belize Conference Center and Meeting Rooms

You owe it to yourself and your bottom line to compare the cost of a domestic retreat over a pre-planned stay at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Don’t be surprised if coming to Belize is cheaper. This property, located on the edge of San Ignacio’s Cayo District, is ideal for many reasons.

Designed with corporate events in mind

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel makes a unique destination for staffers because it’s a lush estate that was once home to Belize high society, yet it’s located within a pristine jungle and close to Belize attractions that make compelling diversions when the time comes to stop working and start socializing. You won’t find a more welcoming corporate environment. 

The event space is impressive and totals 5,500 square feet of space which is ideal for hosting the largest business conference. Everything necessary to make your event a success—Wi-Fi, catering, décor services, and audio-visual equipment, for example–are part of a package you can design for your event, and since there’s a high-end restaurant under the roof, participants can adjourn their business space for a more convivial social environment during their stay.

Belize Conference Center

Get all the help you need

A professional event planning team is at the disposal of corporate staffers working to get your off-site retreat executed, and you won’t meet a group of onsite assistants who are friendlier, more welcoming, and even more creative when it comes to staging an event that’s memorable.

Further, excursions and on-site activities abound, thus recreational breaks that suit the interests and curiosity of attendees are abundant and can be built into Belize vacation packages that offer incentives for meeting planners that cover accommodations, meals, local transport, and even tours.

Belize Conference Center and Meeting Rooms

You might say that the San Ignacio Resort Hotel not only designed its environs to delight vacationers but for meeting planners, too. If your staffers deserve more than an ordinary getaway, this is the place. As soon as you have your dates selected, book your experience. This venue will show staffers how important they are to you and nothing drives employee retention and loyalty like the feeling of being valued.

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