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Belize in July: Travel Ideas, Weather and More

Like much of Central America, Belize brings travelers from throughout the Northern Hemisphere looking to escape winter back home. That, combined with the fact that Belize’s green season extends from June into November, means that July represents a pretty significant downturn for the tourism industry. But that downturn can be to your benefit, and you might be shocked to discover the advantages that come from visiting Belize in July.

The most immediate advantage that comes from visiting Belize in July is that it’s highly practical. The notion of a “green season” has a tendency to chase tourists away, but July doesn’t tend to be nearly as bad as visitors often assume. Rain tends to happen early in the morning or late at night, and the highs hover in the pleasant 80’s just like during the dry season. The big difference is that everything from flights to hotels is cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about fighting with crowds of tourists for opportunities to see the sights.

Belize July Vacations

And there’s undoubtedly plenty to do in July. It’s the perfect time of year for adventurous travelers to go cave spelunking or zip-lining, but ventures like ATM Cave and the streams underneath are worth exploring by anyone. Less extravagant but equally fulfilling are spots like the Macal River — which offers both a phenomenal opportunity for bird-watching and an opportunity to hear and see the howler monkeys that live on the river banks.

But if you want to see everything that Belize has to offer in July, San Ignacio Town is the best place to set up camp. It’s a major metropolis with a vibrant sense of culture, but it’s also widely considered a gateway to the expansive Cayo District. San Ignacio gives you access to some of the coolest sites in the country — including Barton Creek Cave, Mountain Pine Ridge, and a number of ancient Maya sites that still offer fascinating insights into the life of an enigmatic empire.

There’s something special about San Ignacio Town in July. As the tourists begin to leave, the green season brings with it new traditions, new foods, and new events.

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If you want your July trip to Belize to be truly special, make sure that you book a travel deal with San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Our property is home to the Belize Iguana Conservation Project, and our staff has fingers on the beating heart of this charming Belizean town and the surrounding areas.

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