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San Ignacio Resort Hotel to Host Prestigious Belize Archaeology Symposium in June

In June 2024, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel will become a nexus for cultural and historical exchange as it hosts the 19th Belize Archaeology Symposium. Organized by the Institute of Archaeology (NICH), this event is a highlight in the IA’s educational and outreach programs, offering Belizeans and international guests a platform to explore the latest in archaeological research and advancements.

Celebrating Two Decades of NICH

Belize Archaeology Symposium

This year’s symposium is especially significant as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of NICH, an institution that has been instrumental in preserving Belize’s rich cultural heritage. Under the banner “NICH@20 – Celebrating our heritage, Inspiring our future,” the event is set to reflect on the organization’s past achievements and its vision for the future.

The Belize Archaeology Symposium is anticipated to draw a diverse crowd, from scholars and researchers to history buffs and students. With a program of presentations and interactive discussions, the symposium aims to shed light on the strides made in understanding Belize’s ancient civilizations and to discuss how these findings can influence current and future cultural narratives.

A Venue Steeped in History

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, known for its commitment to heritage and luxury, provides an apt setting for the symposium. With its proximity to ancient Maya sites and its own historical significance, the hotel offers an environment that complements the educational aims of the symposium.

Participants of the symposium can expect to immerse themselves in the deep historical roots of Belize, understanding new archaeological methods and discoveries that continue to shape the narrative of Belize’s past. This symposium is not just a chance to look back but an opportunity to inspire new generations to preserve and honor the legacy of Belize’s ancestors.

A Future Informed by the Past

As the San Ignacio Resort Hotel prepares for this important event, it stands as a beacon for those who seek knowledge and inspiration from the past to inform the future. The hotel and NICH invite all those who hold a fascination for history and culture to join this landmark event, which promises to be as informative as it is inspiring.

This June, the 19th Belize Archaeology Symposium will offer a unique window into the soul of Belize’s storied landscape, hosted by the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, where history meets hospitality.

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