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11 Things You Must Know Before Embarking on Your Belize Adventure This Summer

As a tropical paradise known for its exquisite beaches, majestic Maya cities, and enchanting jungles, Belize is a destination brimming with adventure and cultural fascination. However, to fully enjoy its myriad charms and treasures, it’s vital to do a little preparation beforehand. So, without further ado, let’s explore the 11 things you must know before traveling to Belize this summer.

1. English is the official language

Belize language

Yes, you read that right. Unlike most of its Central American neighbors, Belize is a predominantly English-speaking country. This can be a massive relief to travelers who struggle with language barriers while abroad. Although Spanish, Creole, and Mayan languages are also spoken, English remains the primary mode of communication.

2. The currency is Belizean Dollar (BZD)

Belize CurrencyAlthough the US dollar is widely accepted, it’s worth knowing the official currency is the Belize Dollar. The exchange rate is typically two BZD to one USD, making currency conversions relatively straightforward.

3. Breathtaking biodiversity

Belize Barrier Reef

Belize boasts a dazzling array of wildlife. From the verdant rainforests to the spectacular Barrier Reef, you’ll encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna, including jaguars, tapirs, toucans, and hundreds of different fish species. Remember to respect these natural habitats and observe from a distance.

4. The heart of the ancient Maya civilization  

Chahal Pech Maya Site

Belize was the epicenter of the ancient Maya civilization. The country is scattered with sacred caves and Maya sites such as Caracol, Cahal Pech, and Xunantunich, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into a sophisticated ancient culture.

5. A snorkeler and diver’s paradise

Belize snorkel

Home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef system, Belize offers unparalleled opportunities for underwater exploration. From the Great Blue Hole to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the crystal-clear waters are teeming with vibrant marine life.

6. The Belize weather is subtropical

Belize weather

Belize, a subtropical paradise, maintains a warm, humid climate with an average of 79°F yearly. Cooler periods typically occur from December to March, with the heat peaking from May to September. Note that the highlands tend to be cooler than the coast.

7. Ecotourism is a big deal

Belize Ecotourism

Belize has taken significant strides toward sustainable tourism. With numerous eco-resorts and conservation programs, the country encourages visitors to travel responsibly, helping preserve its natural wonders for generations to come.

8. The food is diverse and delicious

Belize Food

Belizean cuisine is a melting pot of Maya, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean influences. Be sure to try local specialties like fry jacks, conch fritters, and the national dish, stew chicken with rice and beans.

9. Road conditions can be challenging

belize roads

Although Belize is a small country, road conditions can vary significantly. If you’re planning a road trip, be prepared for everything from modern highways to bumpy dirt roads.

10. Dress for adventure

Belize Adventure

Whether it’s hiking through the jungle, exploring caves, or visiting ancient ruins, Belize is an outdoor adventure playground. Bring comfortable shoes, light breathable clothing, and plenty of sunscreen.

11. Belizeans are friendly and welcoming

Belize people

Last but not least, Belize is renowned for the warmth and friendliness of its people. Expect to be greeted with smiles and open arms as you navigate through this beautiful country.

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