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Ancient Maya Sacrificial Cave Revealed in Rare Footage

“Incredible abandoned ancient cities cover the region, but this hidden cave has a special allure.”


National Geographic explored the sacred Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave with Belize’s top archeologist, Dr. Jaime Awe, in 2017 for the new series called One Strange Rock. The ATM cave, known as one of the most mesmerizing and adventurous caves in the world, was discovered back in 1989. Dr. Jaime and his team were the first to explore and research the Maya site– after years of his examination and dedication the site was officially opened to the public in 1989. 


The extraordinary cave system is home to the famous Crystal Maiden, mesmerizing flowstone formations, stalactites, stalagmites and dozens of other skeletal remains. Beware, this adventure is surely not for the faint at heart due to all the swimming, hiking and climbing involved throughout the tour. It is not wonder that this cave has been classified as one of the most amazing in the world! 

“They're portals to the underworld, to where important gods resided,” Awe says, highlighting the cave's importance to the Maya civilization and the world. “We also see human sacrifice. Things must have been really difficult for the Maya to be doing this. The Maya certainly contributed to their own demise.”

Take a look at Dr. Jaime’s full interview on the series:

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