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A Hike Down Memory Lane

Lolita was born in Mexico and Judy was born in England.  Together with Leonore (deceased) and Marian, their youngest sister, (born in San Ignacio) they lived here throughout the early years of their childhood in the 1950's with their parents, Marie and Leon Brochin – an American naturalist from Connecticut. The family, whose former residence was located on what is now the grounds of our Green Iguana Conservation Project, was close-knit and enjoyed the treasures they found in Belize. They ran a self-sustaining farm with many tropical fruit trees, two cows, two horses and 300 hens. However, as years went by, their parents decided to file for a divorce and the sisters moved to Hereford, England with their mother on April 19th, 1954.

After 60 years of being away from Belize, the Brochin sisters decided that it was time to come back and relive their childhood memories and pay respects to their father, whom they never saw again. The sisters contacted us at San Ignacio Resort Hotel and we couldn't have been more honored to be part of this special occasion!

On March 25th, we decided to take the sisters on a little tour around San Ignacio Town, who were fascinated by all the changes over the past couple of years. Approximately after an hour of wandering at the market…we all thought it was time for a little hike and refreshments. And the journey began. 

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel Blog features the Brochin sisters tale

The Brochins were accompanied by our General Manager Paulita Figueroa, Chief Engineer Dave Cryer, and our spectacular duo Eddie and Bert. The group hiked down our Medicinal Trails while the sisters reminisced and shared stories from many years ago. After moment of reflection, it was time for a bit of refreshment…and down to the river we went! Childhood memories took over…the images tell the story.

Past neighbors revisit The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

 Past neighbors relive the joys of living in San Ignacio Belize

After a few days in Belize, the Brochin sisters believe that this was a once in a lifetime experience. They traveled back home with peace of mind and more memories to remember and share with others.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel would like to extend a warm thank you for letting us be part of your experience.
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