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A Breakfast Culinary Guide When Visiting San Ignacio Town

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day even more so when traveling and getting ready for the big adventures ahead. Don’t fall under the “free breakfast” game and miss out on a culinary experience waiting for you. In order to induct you into the breakfast club… you must try the tasty offerings San Ignacio has to offer. Here’s a compiled list of our favorite spots that you need to hit up for breakfast when you are visiting San Ignacio, Belize.

1. Running W Restaurant

The Running W Restaurant is located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a Resort that has been considered as the staple of luxury in San Ignacio. But don’t let this fool you—the Restaurant hosts extremely friendly faces and a beautiful and laid-back outdoor setting surrounded by jungle views. Early mornings at this restaurant feature “dining with the birds”, a birdwatching experience where you can admire the wildlife with a pair of binoculars, a bird book provided by the restaurant (bonus points), and a delicious cup of coffee. This spot has been recommended by amazing publications such as Forbes, Elite Traveler, and 360 Magazine, and more.

However, if you don’t want to be part of this early morning Breakfast Club… take advantage of the Sunday Brunch special or dine in the comfort of your suite.

Dish to try: Belizean Breakfast (for a little bit of everything), Huevos Rancheros, Chicken & Waffles, and Chef’s Omelet

The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019

2. Pop’s Restaurant

One of the most popular spots in San Ignacio Town. Similar to the classic American diner vibes, Pop’s offers much more with charming Belizean twist. Pop’s has an all-day breakfast menu with many Belizean favorites like refried beans, eggs, bacon and most importantly Fry Jacks. Fry Jacks are deep-fried flour triangles that (when done right) can puff to a fluffy cloud of pure goodness. Many think of it as a New Orleans beignet, with no sugar, and much more savory; the perfect companion for a variety of meals.

Dish to try: We highly recommend you try the Fry Jacks with some huevos de Chaya and refried beans.

The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019
Image by René H via TripadvisorImage by Collyk via Tripadvisor

3. Ko-ox Han Nah

Ko-ox Han Nah is not a name you hear very often but it translates to ‘let’s go eat’ in Mayan. This little gem is right in the heart of downtown San Ignacio and offers diners great menu to choose from. You can get a wonderful breakfast here whilst enjoying some people watching as Ko-Ox Han Nah is an open-front building on the busy Burns Avenue.

Dish to Try: Try the Breakfast Burrito or a Belizean Breakfast with Corn Tortillas

The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019
Image by Ko-Ox Han Nah via FacebookImage by Ko-Ox Han Nah via Facebook

4. Local Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday is Market Day at San Ignacio and it cannot be missed. Here you will have a chance to eat like the locals do and even get some fresh produce and hand-made souvenirs. It is not a huge meal but an adventure!

Dish to try: Go wild! There are so many options we can’t pick just one

The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019The Breakfast Club September 2019

5. Mike’s Kitchen

You have an early tour but want to eat breakfast before taking on Maya Temples and Caves, then, Mike is your guy. Offering breakfast from before the crack of dawn, you can get an authentic Belizean breakfast with all the works at an inexpensive rate. This place is small and located right across from the Farmer’s Market—keep your eyes alert for the locals and expats sipping coffee outdoors.

Dish to try: We recommend you have Johnny Cakes and a Belizean breakfast

6. Minchos

Classic Belizean fast food is what Minchos is all about. This little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is right on Burns Avenue. Please note that seating is not always a given so try to hit it early before the traffic rush or you can always have it to go and eat at the local park.

Dish to try: Definitely ask for Empanadas and Fry Tacos.

The Breakfast Club September 2019
Image by BorderTramp via

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