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4 Secrets for a Flavourful Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! The long awaited night when we can feast on all sorts of goodies: lip-smacking cranberry sauce, mouth-watering pies, tasty sweet potato casseroles, delectable vegetables, and be thankful for all of it (as opposed to feeling guilty for breaking our diets!).

However, we all know that the most crucial dish of the night is…the turkey. Ah yes, the turkey! Hence, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has compiled a few tips for your turkey recipe to give it that extra “umph”. Fear no more!

  1. For Bacon Lovers: While your turkey is going through a sauna treatment, cover it up with some bacon. This will create a rich gravy and also, keep the skin of the turkey from drying out while cooking.


  2. Raid your Cabinet: Like your turkey to have that crispy look? Take some white vermouth and brush over turkey 15 minutes before you take it out of the oven. Thanks to the sugars found in the vermouth, your turkey will have that rich, crispy brown colour.
  3. Deep-Fried Turkey: Make a different type of turkey this year! Not only will it be done much faster (approximately 40 minutes) but your bird will lock in the moisture and remain scrumptiously crispy on the outside!  
  4. Butter, Much Better: Rub a stick of butter completely over the whole turkey when starts getting warm; this will give you a very golden-looking turkey. For a boost in flavour, mix the butter with wine and your preferred seasonings.

And there are your tricks for a delicious turkey. Still not feeling too confident? Well, again, don’t worry! Stop by the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on November 28th for a Luxury Thanksgiving feast!

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