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Winter in Belize

I had the pleasure of meeting these wonderful children of Northern Lights Church of Christ, out of Alaska, yesterday evening and I enjoyed them so much I had to write about it.

Peter, the young boy in the front with the black Belize Zoo shirt, asked me, “So what do you do with the Iguana’s when it’s winter time?” I explained to him that there isn’t a winter time here in Belize. For young Peter who has been born and raised in Alaska, where the temperature is currently 20° or less, this was a perplexing answer. He then said to me, with a confused look on his face “So after summer like in February when the snow falls what do you do with the Iguana’s?” It was the cutest thing and it never dawned on me that the idea of not having different seasons was an unrealistic thing to so many. 

Peter was very concerned about the well being of our Iguana’s and not being subjected to the winter cold he is used to. After assuring him that our climate here never gets as cold as what he is use to in Alaska and that the Iguana’s would be okay, the light bulb went off and he just smiled. Peter then said, “Belize is a cool place to live in because it is summer all the time!” I laughed and thought to myself, well not all the time Peter, but Belize is definitely a cool place to visit and to live in.

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