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What to Expect When Traveling to Belize Right Now

Quarantine got you feeling a bit stir crazy? You and many!


Finally, following a conservative, phased approach, Belize formally announced the re-opening of the international airport on August 15. And while you may be itching to start planning your Belize vacation, you probably have tons of questions about traveling to Belize right now. If you're nervous and don't know where to start, we're here to assure you that Belize has thought long and hard about re-opening the country to visitors. We'll share with you what you can expect when traveling to Belize, and the new measures that have been put in place to keep you safe and healthy during your stay.


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Most airports have implemented new screening measures and sanitary procedures in the wake of COVID-19. When traveling to Belize, all visitors are now required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of travel. Untested visitors will be screened separately and administered a rapid test on arrival, at their own expense. Electronic thermostat scanners will also be used to screen all visitors. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the airport in addition to hundreds of foot markers to indicate safe distancing between groups of arrivals. Passengers' bags and shoes will be disinfected, and Plexiglas barriers have been installed between visitors and immigration and customs officials.


At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, we've adjusted to the new norm by making several additions to the services we already provide. Highly traffic and touched areas are cleaned and sanitized every two hours. Social distancing decals have been outfitted throughout the lobby and around the pool area. Seating is diffuse and limited to allow for greater social distancing among guests. Moreover, all our staff is now required to wear masks at all times. When you arrive at the resort, your luggage will be disinfected, and your rooms will be sprayed, in addition to, and before cleaning. Finally, a new COVID health app, designed by our local health ministry to manage visitors' health and safety, will be shared with you upon booking.


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Belize's thoughtful response to the COVID pandemic has greatly diminished the spread of the virus. With 30 cases as of July 3rd, we retain our status as the only country within the Americas with the lowest number of active cases. The reality is, if you had to quarantine anywhere, this would undoubtedly be the place. At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, we've committed ourselves to maintain our high standards of care, safety, and hospitality. With 17 acres to spare, our well-kept grounds offer more than enough space for guests to explore, and our ideal location, just five minutes away from town has dubbed the resort as “the only jungle in town”. Our onsite restaurant and bar, the Running W Restaurant, offers delicious international and Belizean cuisine, with some of the best drinks in town. Our tennis court, swimming pool, and several onsite tours, including the country’s only Green Iguana Conservation project, are sure to keep you entertained without having to, or wanting to leave the property.


We know the perfect spots for birding, relaxing, or savoring a light, refreshing cocktail at sunset. But that's a whole other conversation. Don't wait, contact us today!


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