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What are the Belize September Celebrations?

September is a festive time in Belize full of countless events, parties, and BBQs nationwide. Throughout this month, we celebrate two historic events that have shaped Belize into the beautiful country it is today: St. George’s Caye Day and Independence Day. It doesn’t matter where you are–the Cayes, the village, in town, or “back-a-bush”…you cannot miss the festivities!

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St. George’s Caye Day celebrates the victory of the Baymen during a Spanish invasion in 1798. During this short military engagement that took place September 3 through September 10, the Baymen fought bravely to retain claim over their lands and settlements off the coast. To commemorate this day, Belizeans partake in the carnival held in Belize City; it is loaded with colours, glitters, music, and LOTS of dancing. You hear drums from afar, you see children doing acrobatic flips, and ladies with their incredible dance moves that will leave you amazed. So be ready!

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On September 21st, we commemorate Belize’s Independence. On this day, every town has its own parade so it’ll be almost impossible to miss out on this celebration. Businesses, organizations, schools, and many other entities, decorate their floats with blue, white, and red, to rejoice our beautiful Belize. The event starts with an assembly in town, continues with a parade, and finishes off at a park where you can delight in Belizean food: BBQs, rice & beans, dukunu, sere, boil-up, relleno negro, and many other cultural goodies!

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