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Breaking News: United Airlines Adds New Belize Flight Schedule

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Worried about competition, United Airlines’ advertising agency decided in 1965 to make the carrier more appealing and friendly by inviting travelers to “Fly the friendly skies of United.” The slogan got more than its fair share of attention because it was unique for the time and extremely memorable.

Over the years, United lived up to its promise by adding routes to places generating tourist attention, which is how Belize came to be added to the carrier's non-domestic routes. Until the Covid-related hiatus that brought air travel to a virtual standstill, United was a popular choice for tourists discovering Belize and the liner intends to regain its friendly skies dominance by upping the number of flights servicing Belize in the near future.

Included on the carrier’s recently-announced list of scheduled flights are service from Denver, Chicago, and New York/Newark, the May launch of Denver and Newark flights, and Houston will receive the biggest boost of all: United intends to boost service to 14 weekly flights to Belize beginning in August.

Not to be outdone by competitors, Delta Airlines just announced the launch of weekly nonstop Minneapolis to Belize service beginning December 18, 2021, so for those who abhor dodging heavy snows that blanket the city annually, opportunities for sun and fun are sure to make up for a disappointing 2020 holiday season. The biggest news of all? Tickets are already available for purchase on Delta’s website.

Why is this pending news of service return to Belize so important? Because American Airlines remains the lone major U.S.-based carrier transporting North Americans to Belize and ticket prices are currently hefty. Once there’s more competition in the friendly skies, travelers are likely to run into bargains – but there’s no time like the present to make plans so you’re not left out in the cold!

One of the best ways to do that is to check out one of Belize’s most luxurious, award-winning properties: the San Ignacio Resort Hotel located in the heart of San Ignacio. Founded in 1976, this privately-owned, family-run boutique resort has won numerous awards. Sprawling across 17-acres and just 5 minutes away from delightful San Ignacio Town, you’ll understand why this property is called “the only jungle in town” when you view these photos.

This small (27 rooms), secluded haven is the ideal place to unwind and de-stress and hotel amenities are designed to do the job fast – especially if you take advantage of wellness treatments available to guests in the privacy of their accommodations. From an onsite tour desk eager to help guests put together an exciting itinerary to the pool, tennis court and gourmet restaurant, you could stop yourself from relaxing if you tried, but remember that in the tradition of boutique hotels, size matters! With only 27 accommodations from which to choose, early bookings are not just recommended but essential if you don’t want to be disappointed now or down the road.

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