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Sure, Mexico’s Riviera Maya boasts both jungle and sea, but head further south to Belize and you’ll find a honeymoon locale that’s just as charming and slightly more off the beaten path, with everything from prime diving at the Belize Barrier Reef to wild jungles dotted with over 600 ancient sites – Lane Nieset, BRIDES.


Kudos to travel writer Lane Nieset who couldn’t be any more on point! Over the past couple of years, Belize has evolved as a destination for romantic escape seekers who are hunting for an unspoiled post-marriage celebration that includes not only an intimate retreat for but also an adventurous getaway combining the best of both worlds.


The article, which was published on, gives readers a recap on why Belize should be your choice for an authentic and incredibly romantic honeymoon; some of the reasons included quick and affordable flights from key cities in the US, accessibility to travel to/from the coast and inland, wide range of local cuisine, and small town charm found throughout the Jewel, to name a few. 


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Interested in reading more? Read the article HERE

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