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The 2020 Uproxx Travel Hot List

Countdowns and list are synonymous with a new year and we are very excited that this year Belize has made it to Uproxx Travel Hot List. Uproxx is a news and culture platform for the digital generation delivering news, entertainment, music, and sports content. Check out what Writer, Ali Wunderman, had to say about Belize:

Belize’s beaches might get all the buzz, but the nation’s interior is a treasure trove of eco-minded gems.

Let 2020 be the year where we stop pretending Belize is only beloved for its beaches. The Central American nation is famous for its beautiful coastline and more rentable islands than anyone can count, but that shouldn’t stop travelers from looking inward to the jungle, where sustainable adventures abound. Try rappelling into a sinkhole or riding horses to visit a Mayan ruin. And if you like zip-lines, this country has you covered.

Belize’s interior (which, by the way, is less than two hours from the coast/airport, so there’s no logistical reason to skip it), is also where the country’s youth are developing art and culture in a new way. In San Ignacio, the twice-weekly Soul Project (housed beneath The Old House Hostel) showcases live music and rotating installations created by young, local artists, while the San Ignacio Resort Hotel merges hospitality and stewardship with the Green Iguana Conservation Project.”

Read the full article here or download the PDF here.

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