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Taste of Belize 2016 With A Cup of Victory

This past Saturday, July 9th, was filled with satisfaction and delicacies at the Belize Tourism Board’s Taste of Belize 2016 event in Orange Walk town. In an effort to showcase our Jewel’s perfect blend of diverse cultures, BTB put together a culinary show that aimed to ‘celebrate the creativeness of Belize’s food industry’. And what an exquisite event it was!


San Ignacio Resort team at Taste of Belize

Taste of Belize 2016

Being challenge aficionados, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel participated in the Belize Amateur Cook category. At only 21 years of age, our Prep Cook Kevin Chi, who has been a part of our team for a little less than a year, definitely impressed the judges.

San Ignacio Hotel team at Taste of Belize 2016

Words of encouragement before the competition began. Kevin Chi receiving tips from two members of our Kitchen team, Samuel Salam and Max Silvero



For the competition, he prepared a delicious Pan Seared Belizean Duo consisting of beef fillet and shrimp accompanied by coco mash, string beans, drizzled with wine butter reduction sauce, and seasoned with his mystery blend of herbs and spices (because we can’t give away all the secrets!) 😉 YUM! 


Kevin Chi at Taste of Belize 2016 Amateur Competition

Tate of Belize Amateur Competition

Photo courtesy of Belize Tourism Board



After a very exciting hour and half of cooking, it was finally time for the verdict; we are extremely honored to announce KEVIN BROUGHT FIRST PLACE HOME TO CAYO! The judges were extremely satisfied (literally) with the dish and had not a single critique. What a terrific outcome to this amazing cook-off! 


Winner of Taste Of Belize Amateur Competition Kevin Chi
Karen Bevans Director of BTB & Minister Manuel Heredia. Photo courtesy of Belize Tourism Board


Kevin Chi Wimmer Amateur Competition at Taste of Belize 2016

Kevin & family. Photo courtesy of Belize Tourism Board




San Ignacio Resort Team at Taste of Belize 2016

San Ignacio Resort Hotel at Taste of Belize 2016

San Ignacio Resort Hotel team (left to right): Max Silvero, Kevin Chi, Samuel Salam, Trinity Castro



The show truly portrayed talented individuals showcasing their culinary passion and originality. Check out the categories and winners of the event! 

  • Belize Master Chef: Eva Longsworth 
  • Belize Amateur Cook: Kevin Chi 
  • Cake Decorator of the Year: Maria Urbina
  • Cupcake Decorator of Year: Adrienne Young
  • Bartender of the Year: Mark Jacobs 


Taste of Belize 2016

Cup decoration competition at Taste of Belize 2016

Cupcake decorating challenge


Cake decorating challenge at Taste of Belize 2016

Cake decorating challenge


Taste of Belize 2016

Photo courtesy of Belize Tourism Board


Taste of Belize 2016 in Orange Walk Town


Photo courtesy of Belize Tourism Board

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