Belize Travel Notice – COVID-19
Belize Eases Covid-19 Rules: What You Need To Know
Belize Eases Covid-19 Rules: What You Need To Know

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly limited global travel both by personal choice and governmental decree. With vaccination rates rising and case numbers falling, restrictions are being eased in many areas of the world, including Belize. Significant requirements have been lifted

Do you need to be convinced that vacationing in Belize this winter has never been easier, more affordable, and better for both your mental and physical health? You’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few compelling reasons heading south in December and January could become the most memorable getaway...
John Richards may hail from Cape Cod, but the San Ignacio Resort Hotel still feels like home. That’s understandable when you take into consideration that he’s been coming here for nearly half a century, and he knows the story of this town better than anyone. As John remembers it, the diversion to...