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Escape the Winter Cold at Belize’s Warmest Destination

spend winter in belize Love tradition and family-owned businesses? The San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s history is so charming and heart-warming, you’ll understand exactly why loyal vacationers wouldn’t sojourn elsewhere. You’ll feel the same the moment you arrive, especially if you’re lucky enough to escape December weather back home that is anything but warm!

Fun in the sun at an equally sunny discount

belize winter vacation deals As December approaches, it’s not unusual to start thinking of gifts for loved ones, but how about a gift for yourself? December in Belize is idyllic and San Ignacio Resort Hotel management and staff are eager to show off our fabulous property, so we’ve decided to offer an incentive that you may not be able to resist: A “December Book Early” offer that save you money in addition to helping you escape the cold. How can you take advantage of this opportunity? Choose dates in December that you’ll be able to travel and tailor your booking to accommodate your schedule. Reserve your place in the sun between December 1st and 16th and qualify for a 25-percent discount on your stay. Come a little later to celebrate Christmas in paradise (December 17th to December 31st) and you receive a holiday gift of a 15-percent discount.

You already save money if you opt for a package

belize winter trips Some call it the gift you give yourself but you’ll call it awesome when you read about the Belize vacation packages from which you can choose as a guest of this popular resort hotel. Designed to please visitors of all ages, these bundles include beautiful lodgings, meals and onsite activities that run the gamut from a nighttime critter search to the hotel pool and in-room spa treatments. Tours arranged by hotel staff are equally heart-pounding if you decide to zip line, explore mysterious caves and see for yourself the magnificent architecture left behind by Maya kings who held power over their subjects centuries ago. For folks who prefer their adventures to be a bit more tranquil, communing with Belize’s bird population will quickly show you why the nation has become Central America’s birding capital.

A December to remember

winter belize vacationsDecember will be here before you turn around and since our boutique hotel looks bigger than it is, you’ll want to take advantage of those aforementioned discounts before every accommodation has been filled by tourists eager to escape frigid temperatures now that Covid restrictions are history. Worry about transport? Don’t! We can help with that, too. Think about it. You find shelter from harsh weather in a paradise guaranteed to treat all of your senses to a holiday from stress, worries and the pace of today’s world, while enjoying discounted rates that don’t come along every day. Use this link to book before all accommodations have been reserved for the month of December and congratulate yourself on having the wisdom to act on your desire to get in out of the cold for a Caribbean Belize vacation you won’t soon forget.

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