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Start Planning Your Belize Winter Holidays Now

Winter in Belize

Passport? Check. Suitcase? Dusted off. But where to go now that your personal travel window has opened wider? The destination must be warm, inviting, intriguing and hospitable, but is it possible to get all of this without acquiring a second mortgage on your home? Make your destination Belize and you can have it all this winter!

Reasons Belize is the ultimate winter destination

  • The only ice you’ll encounter are the cubes used to chill your favorite beverages.
  • The sun is perpetually out so you return home looking healthy, happy, and content.
  • Who needs hot chocolate when you can drink Copalli Cacao Chocolate Belize Rum?
  • No need to pack much. Swimsuits and casual togs are appropriate everywhere you go.
  • The nation’s size is ideal. Get to every site you want to see in a timely manner.
  • Airline flights to Belize are fully restored during winter months.
  • Everyone speaks English, so your brain gets a respite from thinking.
  • Belize cultures are a dazzling mix. Luxuriate in exotic traditions, cuisine, music, and more.

Warm Up in Belize This Winter

It matters where you vacation during your winter escape

Not every northerner desperate for a winter escape chooses Belize for its world-class beaches and if you’re more introspective and want to see a wilder side of the nation, only one award-winning resort will do: The San Ignacio Resort Hotel in San Ignacio.

Belize Hotels

This elegant property, overlooking a languid river from its perch on higher ground, is a charming choice that never disappoints and it’s close enough to town to give visitors access to all sorts of delights.

In addition to optimal temperatures, accommodations are fit for royalty—in fact, members of the British Royal family stay at San Ignacio Resort Hotel when they’re in town. The property’s world-class restaurant serves food harvested from nearby farms and meat raised by local Belizean farmers.

Belize Resorts

What to do while blizzards rage back home

The Belize tours you’ll discover once you unpack your flip-flops and get the lay of the land are breathtaking. Onsite experiences include a peek at Belize’s past: An authentic Maya fish cooking experience. Copal cleanse. Tea-tasting medicinal tour of the resort’s gardens. Onsite bird watching, and a thrilling night crawl where guests meet the area’s “Creatures of the Night.”

San Ignacio Resort Hotel is also home to The Green Iguana Conservation Project, an installation frequently named the #1 attraction that has no equal in Belize.

Belize Winter Vacations

Venture forth on tours of Maya temples, zip-lining, and cave exploration, or pair activities via combination tours for a taste of the nation’s recreational diversity.

Belize vacation packages curated by management take the worry out of a stay and save money, too given all these perks, you won’t be surprised to learn that this elegant property was just named Belize’s Leading Hotel for 2023 by World Travel Awards.

Now’s the time to cement your plans by ensuring a winter vacation guaranteed to revitalize your spirit and get you through the fall months with a smile on your face!

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