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Solo Female Travelers Flocking to Central American Countries in Latest Travel Boom

Solo Female Travel in Belize

Belize’s reputation as a nature-based destination for travelers, looking to connect with nature has positioned it as a magnet for solo travelers who are flocking to Central America and Mexico as part of an ongoing travel boom, in a post-pandemic world.

This new travel phenomenon was recently featured on website which reported that new booking and flight data from Hostelworld have revealed that both Central America and Mexico are rising in popularity for travelers.

In fact according to the article, for the first time, Central America has surpassed Europe as it relates to hostel bookings. The number is showing that bookings in Central America have risen to a whopping 40% when compared to 2019.

The Ultimate Guide to Belize Solo Female Travel

What’s more is that the data also notes the emergence of solo female travelers, the newest form of travelers. Booking data have revealed that solo female travelers now account for 78% of total bookings to Central America.

So what is fuelling this latest boom in travelers to Central America?

Euronews. travel says that there are multiple factors, but the biggest of them all is, ”The region’s growing popularity makes sense, given the increasing demand for nature-based travel since COVID. Solo travel is on the rise as people reassess their lives in the wake of the pandemic.”

The article also revealed that a survey conducted among solo travelers revealed that 74% of them are looking for nature and natural world experience.49% of interviewees also indicated that they were traveling solo because they wanted to prioritize life experience over their careers for a while.

Solo Female Belize Travel

Are Budget Constraints Driving Travelers to Central America?

The answer is yes according to, ”Cost is also undoubtedly a factor when it comes to Central America’s popularity, at a time when the cost of living is affecting many people’s holiday spending power.”

The article noted that the quality of accommodations offered in Central America is also another big draw for travelers.

Travelers are drawn by the nature and beachfront experience that they can get for cheap in Central America as opposed to other destinations around the world.

Solo Female Travel

Why nature lovers are drawn to Central America? says that Central America’s physical makeup of volcanic cones, tropical rainforests, and sandy beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coast is also a major magnet for solo travelers, who can never get enough of rainforest cabins, howler monkeys, beach strolls, and toucan sightings.

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Solo Female Belize Vacations

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