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Settling into Spring

As we settle into the first few weeks of spring, San Ignacio Resort Hotel takes advantage of Belize’s brown gold and spruce’s up the flower bed in front of the hotel. Along with the many historic attractions and tourist sites Belize has to offer, this country also provides one of the most amazing variety of beautiful tropical flowers in the Caribbean.

Carla, our staff horticulturist, said, “She is excited about making the flower bed in front of the hotel attractive and introducing some new flowers that aren’t currently at San Ignacio Resort Hotel.” She also mentioned how important planting flowers are to the contribution of the environment and the pollination process.

The flower bed is a beautiful compilation of Iris’ Crossandra’s, Peace Lilly’s, Verbena Flower’s, Blue Daze, Dwarf Ixora’s and many more. We look forward to the changing beauty of these flowers and plants when they finally bloom.



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