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A Travel Guide to Senior Travel in Belize

Senior Travel in Belize

Thanks to advanced medical care and more active lifestyles, the term “senior” continues to be redefined by the year as people live longer and remain healthier than ever. The future for seniors has never been more promising, say bloggers on the Explore Life website, which is why active travel attracts so many people in the 60+ age category.

Where are they going? Belize, of course. This nation is kind to retirement budgets, offers the best mix of excitement, beauty, and history, and since travel time is just a couple of hours from southern U.S. ports, travelers needn’t worry about long, uncomfortable flights that can leave seniors out of sorts by the time they arrive.

Belize tourism entities recognize this trend and properties are working hard to accommodate folks in this age group, but few go as far as the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in the heart of San Ignacio Town. This hotel has everything seniors crave: posh surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and a staff eager to make certain that every active senior gets his and her share of fun and adventure.

No shortage of things to do

Tours designed to satisfy every senior traveler’s lifestyle, ability, and interest are on the hotel’s menu and they cover all bases in terms of cultural, physical, and natural experiences. For seniors who welcome all of the variety they can get because they believe that Rick Steves was right when he said that “Travel is the fountain of youth,” guests needn’t leave the property to enjoy these experiences:

-Birdwatch on hotel grounds
-Take a tea-tasting medicinal tour
-After sundown, participate in a Critters of the Night experience
-Explore the Green Iguana Conservation Project, housed within the hotel.

Express an interest in getting a bit more involved with Belize’s natural wonders and you can sign up for these adventures offering a range of excitement:

-Zipline over jungle canopies
-Find out why visitors can’t get enough cave tubing
-Maya ruins tours are fascinating and educational
-Snorkel, dive, and enjoy water sports for which Belize is known
-Customize your itinerary by choosing a combination of tours.

Expect an extraordinary sojourn

Seniors say that their definition of “hotel” pales in comparison to what they find at this award-winning property. Interior elegance and service are beyond the ordinary, the Running W Restaurant offers international cuisine prepared from locally-grown and raised produce and meats, and Belize vacation packages relieve seniors of having to make decisions about where to go and what to do since they include luxury accommodations, meals, and tours.

This hotel’s stately ambiance, appointments, and environs delight all guests, but seniors are particularly impressed by the friendly staff members, all of whom speak English. See for yourself why savvy seniors return to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel repeatedly once they’ve experienced the grandeur and service found only at this unique hotel. Convinced? You should be. When can staff expect to welcome you to this slice of heaven on earth?

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