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San Ignacio’s Jungle Remedies

Early this year, journalist and former diplomat, Dave Seminara, visited San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Dave is known for publishing his works in various channels such as Fox News, ESPN, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, among many more! During his Belize visit, Seminara traveled from sandy Belizean beaches to the inland jungles to get to know our beautiful Jewel and pay a visit to our Green Iguana Conservation Project. His experience here was unforgettable! Check it out!

San Ignacio Resort Hotel's Iguanas

Photo credit: Dave Seminara

Dave’s curiosity was a little bigger than just paying a visit to our little green buddies. He was on the hunt for medicine men in Belize who would be able to recommend a remedy for, or cure, his Multiple Sclerosis. So our Marketing girls, Trinity and Stephanie, decided to jump in and help out with the hunt! The bunch visited Mr. Harry Guy, a well-known bush doctor from the Cayo area, who claimed his medicines can cure cancer, high blood, HIV, gallstones, kidney stones, among MANY other diseases.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel guest visits jungle remedies

Photo credit: Dave Seminara

After approximately an hour or so, Dave and our girls found out about a myriad of plants and their effects and also, about Mr. Guy’s craft. Interested in hearing more about the experience? CLICK HERE to read the full article!

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