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San Ignacio Town: The Laid-Back Belize Vacation You Didn’t Know You Needed

belize vacations While many tourists come to Belize for the beaches and never venture too far from the shore, they’re missing out on a whole world of adventure. The Cayo District offers some of the most beautiful stretches of unspoiled wilderness in the world — a fact that’s earned this territory the sobriquet of the “Wild West”. Whether you’re looking for cascading waterfalls, dense jungles, subterranean caves, or ancient Maya cities, you’ll find a natural wonderland truly worth exploring. san ignacio belize And if you want to see the Cayo District, there’s no better place to set up camp than San Ignacio. It’s a relatively small town, but it’s also positioned as one of the most important gateways into the Cayo District. But there’s plenty to do within the town as well. Belize’s population is a fascinating blend of experiences, and that’s especially true for San Ignacio and the surrounding areas. While English is the native language and Mestizos are the most common group here, it’s also home to indigenous Mayas, Creole, and Mennonites. There’s no better way to get acquainted than through the busy open-air market that sits right alongside the meandering Macal River. The river itself was once an important waterway for the Mayas, and it continues to be one of the most pleasant ways to see the wilderness in the area. belize nature vacations But you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to go exploring in the wild. ATM Cave is home to relics of a time when it was a site for human sacrifice, while the Maya sites of Xunantunich and Caracol demonstrate just how sophisticated the now-dead civilization was. And if you’re more interested in an adrenaline rush than a cultural journey, there are plenty of opportunities for zip-lining, cave tubing, and horseback riding throughout the Cayo District. It’s no wonder that this district was once the heart of Maya influence in the country. belize cultural vacations Whether you spend your time mingling with the locals, venturing through the wilds, or eating your way through the diverse variety of restaurants, a vacation is an opportunity to heal and recuperate from your busy life. San Ignacio has an air of authenticity and a laid-back vibe that you can’t replicate in many tourist towns. And the best part is that San Ignacio is beautiful all year long. Highs sit comfortably in the mid-80s even into November and December, and that makes this Belizean town the perfect place to get away from the holiday stress and frigid conditions of your home. belize luxury vacations San Ignacio Resort Hotel is ready to roll out the red carpet regardless of how you want to spend your vacation in Belize. Not only do we offer posh accommodations, but we can also help transform your Belize adventure vacation into the experience you’re dreaming of.

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