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Remembering and Honoring our Founder

Visionaries are gifted men or inventors with creative insights and ingenious skills.  The legacy of the founder of San Ignacio Resort Hotel, Mr. Escandar Bedran Sr.and his many accomplishments is an intriguing story.  Those who knew him would certainly remember the passion and assertiveness he had towards his many business ventures. One of his resourceful inventions still exists today as a landmark which is the hand cranked ferry used for crossing to the most visited archaeological site in Belize, the Xunantunich Archaeological Site.  Perhaps it was his foresight to a booming tourism industry that led him to create such an ingenious contraption. What we know for sure is that the adventure to Xunantunich would not be the same without this one of a kind ride.


Today, San Ignacio Resort Hotel honors the memory of Mr. Escandar Bedran Sr. with this miniature sculpture of the Xunantunich ferry.  Placed immediately at our front desk beneath a painting of the mural of the Xunantunich Archaeological site for all our guests to enjoy.

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