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New York Amsterdam News- Belize: More than Beautiful Beaches

Founded in 1909, the New York Amsterdam is one of the oldest ethnic-focused newspapers in the United States of America – primarily catering to the African American community. Author Sheryl Nance-Nash highlighted Belize beyond its beaches by travelling deep into “the only jungle in town”.


Read a snippet of the full article below:


Take for example San Ignacio, a bit more than 100 miles west of Belize City and in the Cayo District. It’s ideally located for plenty of fun that has nothing to do with the beach. Make your home base the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Not only is this stylish, boutique hotel ideally located to restaurants and shopping, it’s a gem with jungle views, excellent cuisine, a pool, and friendly staff.


Read the full article here or download the PDF here. 

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