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National Service Day with San Ignacio Resort Hotel

And for 3rd time in a row, San Ignacio Resort Hotel celebrates Belize’s National Service Day by paying a visit to the Flamingo Park located on 18th Street in San Ignacio Town. National Service Day is a day that honours the Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price. During this day, Belizeans are encouraged to give back to their community by taking part in a volunteer program.


Our volunteers were members of our Maintenance department who were very much dedicated and enthusiastic to help out at the community park. It was an extremely HOT day but that did not stop our little troopers from turning the park upside down! Check it out!

Well, as you can see…we had quite a day ahead of us. A little bit of mowing the grass, painting, and a few repairs here and there

Some of our boys preppin’ for the day ahead!

Things are starting to look brighter and cleaner!

And ta-da! Here’s to a happy outcome! Close residents are now able to use the park as a short cut and kids are able to play without having to worry where the next hole is! Great job guys!

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