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More Maya Artifacts Found in Belize

This June was a great month for archaeologists in Belize and perhaps, all over the world.

An excavation project at the Nim Li Punit Belize archaeological site located in the Toledo district, revealed a small area of tombs reserved for members of the royal family. Nim Li Punit was a place of residence for a group of elite Maya families that settled there between 100AD-250AD. In this grave site, high-quality ceramic artefacts and pieces of jade were found placed on top of the buried bodies.


Belize Mayan Ruins

Photo by Richard Seaman

However, the most spectacular discovery of this excavation project was the preciously carved jade pendant dated 671AD. According to the reports, this intricate valuable is believed to be an artefact worn by the most high-raking kings during bloodletting ceremonies. The object, about the size of a human heart, is believed to be second largest jade relic found in Belize and perhaps all over the Maya world! 


Jade Pendant at Nim Li Punit in Belize


Another curious characteristic about this particular jade finding is the carving that is engraved on it. Most of the times, discovered Maya hieroglyphics tell the story about the site in which they are found; yet, this jade artefact tells story about the king—his name, place of origin, and alliance.


Nim Li Punit Belize Mayan Ruins

Illustration by John Montgomery

We congratulate the hard-working and dedicated team who participated on this amazing Belize archaeological finding. We’re super proud of you! Check out the report below for more details:



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