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Maya 2012- Celebrating the New Era of Maya Culture

By: Danny Chung

On 22.12.12 San Ignacio Resort Hotel was not swayed by the predictions of a dooms day. In a luxurious fashion, the hotel welcomed the new era in style. As the thirteenth baktun glides pass us, the fourteenth baktun rises. San Ignacio Resort Hotel has proudly set out to embrace the new baktun by celebrating the “New Era of Maya Culture” with Maya elders from the surrounding town and villages; such as Benque Viejo del Carmen, San Jose Succotz, Santa Familia and San Antonio. Various Maya artisans were also invited to showcase and display their crafts. It was a fun filled cultural day that included several traditional activities. It began with the Salute the Sun Ceremony by Mr. Silvero Canto of San Antonio village, Cayo

Mr. Canto explained each step of the way as he performed the ritual. Candles, incense, pieces of “Copal” and various pieces of plants were compiled and lit to create the fire. Guests and attendees were given the opportunity to participate in this ritual by walking around the fire and saying a small prayer to give gratitude to what they have been grateful about in their life. Following that, guests and attendees were given the opportunity to wish what they would like to achieve in their life and throw a small candle into the fire. 

As the Marimba music fills the air with its ambience, the Maya breakfast buffet was one to look forward to. The Maya breakfast buffet consisted of handmade corn tortilla, stew pumpkin, bollitos de Chaya, bollos, re-fried beans, Perrish pak, and stew Chaya. As breakfast ended, Mr. David Ruiz gave a brief explanation of the history of the Maya. 

Mr. Canto then led the corn presentation. Mr. Canto began chanting some prayers. Guests and attendees were invited to participate in the cleansing process. Each participant was blessed and cleansed by Mr. Canto. 

A presentation by the Dancing Bees was lead by Uri Rivera of Santa Familia village, Cayo. It was wonderful to see such young children so joyous and excited in participating in cultural dances. 

The finale presentation was a Maya Genesis Performance presented by Orquedia Negra Dance Company of Benque Viejo. Artist and manager, Mr. Mike Mauricio led the group. Many people were surprised at how well played and organized this group was in this presentation. For the first time, many got to witness how the ball game really looked when played by the Maya centuries ago. Books and papers can only describe so much. But being there and seeing this take place really is an experience on its own. San Ignacio Resort Hotel was honored to host such an event and extends the blessings received to all for the New Era in the fourteenth Baktun.

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