Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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Vacation with Peace of Mind: Exploring the Safety of Belize as a Tourist Destination

is belize safe to travel

North Americans opening daily newspapers find jarring reports of crimes, thus they’re especially interested in prioritizing safety, luxury, and savings when they vacation these days. If that describes you, there are tons of reasons to consider Belize for a getaway, including short flight times, an English-speaking populace, and luxury that’s affordable. That stated, the subject of safety likely tops your priority list.

While all Central American nations experience some degree of crime, Belize’s highest risk area is centered around Belize City – far from the top resorts and attractions located outside the former capital. Savvy travelers – be they families, honeymooners, couples, or solo travelers – come to Belize every day and say they couldn’t feel safer.

Choose San Ignacio Town

is belize a safe place to vacation

According to the Numbeo website, San Ignacio Belize crime rates are low so choosing this district for your vacation destination makes good sense, and while you’ll want to take the same precautions as you would visiting New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, San Ignacio is an ideal destination for those with safety concerns.

What precautions? It’s never wise to roam at night alone, carry and display large amounts of cash or take chances that could put you in harm’s way in either New York’s nightlife capital or the lively scene that draws travelers to San Ignacio. Further, the right resort can alleviate safety concerns. One of the most highly recommended is the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where you can finally relax and leave your worries behind.

Stay safe and as busy as you like

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Home to international travelers for nearly 50 years, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel was once a posh estate that now welcomes small numbers of guests seeking a boutique hotel that’s as safe as it is beautiful. You don’t have to leave the grounds to experience Belize at its best. Onsight activities keep all family members fascinated and enthralled from dawn to dusk.

Among activities, guests can’t get enough of are the educational Iguana Project’s mini-habitat, guide-led tea tasting tours through medicinal gardens, a lighted tennis court, birdwatching, a swimming pool, and in-room wellbeing spa treatments. For those eager to get out and about, a full-service tour desk with an enticing number of available tours never disappoints.

Best of all, you’ll stay safe

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Far removed from areas that could give you pause, the San Ignacio Hotel Resort is an island of safety tucked into a jungle that wraps guests in comfort. The cuisine served by the resort’s chefs is divine and should you want to enjoy San Ignacio nightlife, your host will handle your request for safe transport while you’re a guest, too.

If you remain concerned about Covid, rest assured that health and well-being protocols are still in place and you can even save money by taking advantage of Belize vacation package pricing in addition to current specials, both of which offer you safety and value. It’s time to relax and Belize is the place to do it. When can we expect to welcome you?

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