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In Loving Memory to an Icon in Conservation & Awareness: Ziggy the Iguana

San Ignacio, Belize – It is with deepest regret that the Green Iguana Conservation Project and San Ignacio Resort Hotel team announces the untimely passing of Ziggy the Iguana, the iconic star for the Project for the past 6 years.


On January 10, Ziggy fell victim to a confrontation with one of the alpha males in the enclosure during which he suffered multiple injuries. The GICP Administration team quickly responded with providing Ziggy medical attention and administering him to the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC) – a long-term partner of the Project. After three days of treatment and medical care to alleviate the impact of the injuries, it was sorrowfully agreed that euthanizing Ziggy would be the most humane alternative.


ziggy the iguana


Born here at the Project, Ziggy became adored by many individuals due to his tender and sweet demeanor. Ziggy was born with Metabollic Bone Disease (MBD) caused by an imbalance in the levels of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D in the body; as a result of this condition and its chances of surviving in the wild, he became one of the permanent Iguanas at the program. Despite his disorder (or perhaps because of it), he quickly converted into one of the most cherished personalities in the Project – attending many awareness campaigns and educational outreaches in schools and within the community, and instilling awe, love and appreciation to both locals and international visitors who would interact with him.


Ziggy’s journey will be remembered as one of the most cherished and tender chapters at the Project. We would also like to thank our on-site team, Dr. Isabelle and BWRC, and those who got the opportunity to meet Ziggy and share his story, for being part of this amazing Project. Ziggy is predeceased by Roxy and Gomez – two of our previous icons at the Project.



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