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Howler Monkeys

Howler Monkeys are one of Belize’s treasured species. These primates are commonly found in tropical Central America and South America and live in luscious rain forests. They can grow up to an average size of twenty pounds and are therefore among the largest of the New World monkeys. This primate is characterized by a prehensile tail that is almost the same length as their bodies and is used for gripping and hanging off branches.

Howler Monkey in Belize

Their name is simple to explain; their harsh and unbelievably loud cries can be heard from up to a distance of 3 miles! The loud, grasping growl is often used for territorial purposes and also to protect the scarce food resources found in nearby areas. Howler Monkeys are omnivores—with a diet composed of leafy greens, fruit, and flowers.

Black Howler Monkey

These creatures are found living most of their lives among tree canopies and rarely descend to the ground. Yet, they commute in troops of approximately four to twelve individuals with a dominant male among them. But don’t be scared… there are ways to get to know these creatures during your Belize vacation safely! The Community Baboon Sanctuary or the Belize Zoo will give you an up-close look!

Or if you’re lucky enough, you might spot one at our Hotel grounds!  

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