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HOLR Magazine – Exploring Belize: San Ignacio

HOLR Magazine established in 2014 is a Toronto fashion and lifestyle publication focusing on integrated and collaborative fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorials and features the most exclusive brands and premium tastemakers. Read all about Kaitlin Narciso’s adventures as she explored the beautiful town of San Ignacio and all the exciting things that await you.


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San Ignacio Resort is a family-owned Belizean boutique Hotel located in the heart of the Cayo District. Situated looking over the jungle, the views from the room’s balconies, the restaurant, and the pool are all breathtakingly beautiful. On our last night, we stayed in the Royal Suite and woke to toucans on our balcony and Bradford, the iguana, in the tree out-front. It was simply magical.


Read the full article here or download the PDF here

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