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Highlights at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Yesterday, December 11th 2013, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel had the pleasure of hosting Zee Edgell—the author of the renowned book Beka Lamb. This fictional work piece tells the story of a young girl’s journey into maturity and her quest for freedom from political, social, and religious issues in Belize. The book has gained both local and international recognition; in fact, it is the winner of Britain’s Fawcett Society Book Prize!

Zee Edgell at SIRH

Zee Edgell told us about her memories at the Resort and an encounter she had with our Founders, Ms. Escandar and Paulita Bedran, many years ago. It’s been a pleasure serving you once again, Ms. Edgell!

Zee Edgell at SIRH
Here’s a pic of Ms. Zee with Ms. Paulita Bedran, General Manager of San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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