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Green Iguana Conservation Project to the Rescue

This May, we received a phone call from the Belize Animal Hospital about a few Green Iguana eggs that were found in the Belize City area. Known for being the go-to place centre for this specie in Belize, we were more than happy to have the hospital send them over to the Green Iguana Conservation Project.

Belize Iguana Project


A total of 36 eggs were delivered in their original soil via Tropic Air to the San Ignacio airstrip. Our team quickly retrieved the eggs to begin the incubation process where they will remain under constant care and attention until they’re ready to hatch.


To begin the process, we sterilized the soil by setting it in the sun for a few hours. This ensured that worms, mites, bugs, and other harmful insects did not become a threat to the eggs. Then, the containers were filled half way with the sterilized soil where the eggs were accommodated, gently covered.


Belize Iguana Project

Iguana Eggs at SIRH


After this stage was completed, we placed water in the terrarium and a few bricks to set the container on top. 75 watts bulbs were placed over the box not only to give the necessary warmth but also to keep humidity circulating. To finalize the incubation process, the enclosure was sealed so flies or other insects could not enter the terrarium.


Iguana Eggs


Our Belize Iguana Project team is keeping a close eye on the eggs to  ensure that these little reptiles are well taken care of. The incubation process will take approximately two months so wish us luck…we can’t wait to see our newest babies!


Iguana Eggs at Belize Iguana Project

A huge thanks to the Belize Animal Hospital for ensuring the Green Iguana eggs are in good hands!




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