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Green Iguana Conservation Project: A Must-See in San Ignacio, Belize

Green Iguana Conservation Project


Thinking of visiting our gorgeous hometown for the day? We couldn’t think of a better place to spend a day in Belize! Travel site Belize Globe compiled a list of 10 Amazing Day Trips You Can Take From San Ignacio Belize and we’re super proud to announce that our Green Iguana Conservation Project made the list! Here’s what Belize Globe had to say about the Iggie experience:



You don’t have to like spiny creatures to appreciate efforts being made on behalf of the Belize iguana population. Your kids, on the other hand, could be enthralled. The conservation project is headquartered at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, atop a hill set into a lush rain forest measuring 14 acres. In addition to iguanas, you’ll find plenty of birds, trees, plants and wildlife. Called “the only jungle in town” by frequent visitors, you will learn lots about breeding and Belize’s return-to-the-wild iguana program.



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