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Global News Radio: Offbeat Holidays in Belize

Global News Radio from Canada highlights Belize as a unique destination to escape the winter blues

This March, Global News Radio’s famous talk show The Morning News with Gord Gillies sat down to chat with the award-winning travel blogger and expert Tamara Elliot about unique, offbeat holiday destinations suitable to forget all about the frosty seasonal colds. Tamara visited San Ignacio, Belize as a result of WestJet’s introduction of new direct flights from Calgary, introduced November 2017. During her time in Western Belize, which she dubbed as “an adventure lover’s paradise”, Tamara was able to explore countless adventures including cave tubing, the world-famous ATM Cave, neighbouring Tikal Maya site in Guatemala, and of course the charming San Ignacio Town

Click on the audio below to listen to the full radio episode!

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