Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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Check out how vacation expert Chantel Delulio outlines the “dream weekend” and tips of how you can make it a reality:


Belize is perhaps most famous as a spot for snorkeling and diving in impossibly blue water (not to mention the Blue Hole, a marine sinkhole at the center of an atoll). But if you head inland to San Ignacio, you’ll find yourself in this Central American country’s adventurous heart. This town acts as the perfect jumping-off point for exploring verdant jungles, incredible caves, and Mayan ruins.


Stay: After a day of sweating and spelunking, reward yourself with a stay at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel and its offerings of luxurious amenities (what could be better after a hike through the jungle than an in-room massage?).


Do: Really feel like an adventurer with some help from Mountain Equestrian Trails, which offers a variety of tours and horseback riding excursions


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