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First sighting of a Howler Monkey… The customer is always right

A few weeks ago, a guest at our Hotel mentioned one evening that he heard a Howler Monkey just right outside his room.   Well, since we have never encountered Howler Monkeys at our Hotel, we believed he had just gotten confused with another animal more commonly found on our Hotel grounds. 

So we thought…

On Thursday the 19th, our Chief Engineer mentioned that he heard Howler Monkeys down by the river somewhere amongst our 17 acre private estate. I found this testimony interesting since this was the second mention of Howler Monkeys over the past few weeks.

Later that afternoon at about 2:00pm, we finally got a glimpse of the infamous creature that has been the talk of the Hotel over the past weeks.

After catching a few glimpses, our guides determined it was an older male Howler Monkey. He was on the move; swinging from tree to tree right outside of the Spa Suite balcony. It was so exciting to finally see him for ourselves!  As soon as he took a break we were only able to capture the image below.

What an amazing day at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel! We officially have Howler Monkeys on our property.

And so it seems the old saying is true: the customer IS always right.

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