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Why Every Traveler Should Go Ziplining in Belize

Why Every Traveler Should Go Ziplining in BelizeBelize is a tropical wonderland for any vacationer looking to get their heart pumping and their adrenaline flowing. One of the literally fastest ways to get that surge of energy would be ziplining. Put simply, ziplining is as close as we humans have come up with to experiencing the sense of flying through the forest, descending along an incline supported by rigorous steel cables, and zipping over the terrain.

While climbing atop your first platform and then stepping off into the wilds will likely wake your heart up, ziplining is one of the safest things you can do in the Belizean jungle. The necessary harness for this activity, coupled with the resilience of the supporting cables cuts out the danger while leaving the fun behind. It is a truly unique sensation to feel winds flowing through your hair as gravity pulls you at a high speed.Ziplining in BelizeBelize is just about the perfect venue for ziplining for several reasons.

  • It is a great way to relax after doing things like hiking out in the sun. All you have to do is remain in the harness and enjoy the experience.
  • The jungles are perfect for ziplining, giving you plenty of brilliant natural colors from the foliage below you and to your sides.
  • It is a great way to get to the height where the many vibrantly-colored birds of the country tend to roost and fly about, giving you an even better view of them.
  • It is a great activity for family vacations; children are just as welcome as adults.
  • Clambering into the harness and doing even one leg can be a huge self-confidence boost, helping to shout away any anxieties or negativity with sheer exhilaration. You even get extra points if you have someone take a photo.

Now if you are in the mood for the best venues to go ziplining, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is an ideal facility with two ziplining tours within Belize’s rainforest.

Our Calico Jack Tour involves three levels of experiences that total up to 9 runs, 15 platforms, and 2,700 feet. Conversely, the Jaguar Pawl Tour is all about the beauty of Belize’s natural surroundings, making it ideal for honeymoons, families, and group trips.

While ziplining is an amazing experience, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is loaded with a litany of stellar amenities you could want before and after such adventures.

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