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The Best Ways To Experience Easter In Belize

belize easter vacations Easter is a holiday familiar to many people all over the world, whether they are practicing Christians or not. Most Belizeans are Christian with over 80% of the population reporting Christianity as their religion on the census. Roman Catholicism is the largest denomination in the country, though there is a significant Protestant minority as well. easter in belize Some Easter Traditions In Belize

Easter is one of the biggest and longest public holidays in the country, with festivities lasting for four days. It begins on Holy Thursday, which people often spend traveling to their destinations. Good Friday is typically a day of relaxation and reflection in Belize. Many people either stay home or go to church, observing the solemn day when Jesus Christ was crucified. People commonly watch or listen to religious programs or live coverage of the Good Friday Message from the Pope. No meat aside from fish is eaten per traditional Christian custom – hot cross buns are consumed instead. People are not supposed to swim on this day either. easter belize Holy Saturday has the interesting and unique tradition of cycling. On this day, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycle Race is held every year. It starts in Belize City and goes to San Ignacio before turning back. It’s a spectacle that if you are visiting San Ignacio for Easter, you must witness. On Easter Sunday, mass is celebrated in the church. Afterward, families typically get together for a meal, whether at home or as a picnic. To make up for the lack of swimming on Good Friday, many people go to the rivers, waterfalls, and the Caribbean Sea to swim. Many towns and villages hold fairs and football games later in the day to celebrate. The festivities don’t typically die down until well into Easter Monday.

Religious Sites To Visit belize easter travel Whether you want to participate in Easter services, just want to observe the cultural practices of another country, or view beautiful religious art and architecture, there are many churches you can visit during Easter in Belize. Because San Ignacio is one of the largest towns in the country, you can find places of worship for most denominations to visit here. belize easter traditions If you are going to be visiting Belize over Easter, staying at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a good choice. Located just five minutes walking distance from the center of San Ignacio town, the resort’s proximity will allow you to experience Easter celebrations firsthand during your visit.

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