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Experience Eco-Adventures on Earth Day At The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

earth day belize

What better way to honor mother nature and show appreciation for all of her blessings to mankind than spending Earth Day at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, which is known to be one of the most eco-friendly resorts in the country.

Earth Day, which is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, under the theme ”Planet vs. Plastics,” is a day where people from across the world, despite race or culture, come together to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to solidify commitments toward a more sustainable future.

This year you can be a part of the global green movement, by joining us at the San Ignacio Resort, to learn more about our commitment to protecting Mother Earth, through several onsite conservation efforts, and local medicinal tours. For starters, The San Ignacio Resort is known for its unwavering commitment to protecting the Green Iguana Species, which has become threatened due to overhunting in Belize.

green iguanas belize

The Green Iguana Conservation Project, named by TripAdvisor as Belize’s #1 favored activity is set up on the resort grounds and seeks to educate guests on the lifecycle of these prehistoric creatures inclusive of their incubation, hatching, rearing, and release back into the wild. Admissions from the tour are funneled back into funding scholarships for needy children, sponsoring further research for the species, and the advancement of further steps for their protection.

Another eco-friendly expedition that awaits you is a firsthand tour of the resort’s 17-acre private estate, an experience like no other that will take you back into the prehistoric era of the ancient Maya, where you will learn more about their indigenous practice as well as their association with medicinal plants. Guest are also given the opportunity to collect the medicinal plants which they will then be asked to create natural remedies, under the guidance of a trained tour guide.

natural remedies belize

Craving a more detailed insight into mother nature’s blessings, then you might want to take a night stroll on the resort’s nature trails where you are bound to run into night critters from all walks of life, ranging from small to big. This tour, which is among visitors’ favorites, can propel you directly into the paths of leaf cutter ants, wolf spiders, orb waver spiders, cicadas, scorpions, tarantulas, opossums, owls, wily Kinkajous or Gray Fox.

A visit to the San Ignacio Resort will also provide you with the opportunity to meet some feathery friends and participate in the one-of-a-kind onsite bird-watching experience.

birdwatching belize

With all of these environmentally friendly activities to choose from staying at the San Ignacio Resort will be the perfect option to show your support and appreciation for Earth Day 2024. After all our mantra to place ecology over profit, sets us apart from the rest, as we truly appreciate and understand the need for conservation and protection of all things nature.

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