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Nighttime Wonders: Embrace the Wild with San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s ‘Critters of the Night’ Adventure


At San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the fascination does not wane with the sunset. As twilight graces Belize’s tropical landscape, it’s time to embark on a unique journey—an expedition designed for the brave and curious, the ‘Critters of the Night’ adventure.

Initiating at 7:30 pm, the Resort organizes this special night hike where the nocturnal denizens take the stage. Witness the delicate ballet of leaf cutter ants, the spellbinding intricacy of wolf and orb weaver spiders, and the captivating symphony of cicadas—a concert where nature performs and your senses feast. The star-studded cast also includes scorpions, tarantulas, opossums, owls, and, for the luckiest of guests, the elusive Kinkajou or Gray Fox.

However, the wilderness enveloping San Ignacio Resort Hotel is not only about the vibrant fauna. The property is steeped in cultural heritage and historical significance. As you wander through the captivating trails, you’ll traverse a landscape that whispers tales from the past, thereby deepening the allure of your adventure as you delve deeper into the jungle.


With a moderate intensity level, this immersive experience requires a minimum of two adventurers—a perfect outing for couples seeking something offbeat, or friends eager for an adrenaline rush. The Resort recommends donning light, long-sleeved clothing and bringing along bug spray to safeguard your comfort. And certainly, don’t forget your camera—a must-have to freeze these magical encounters for eternity. Please note, to ensure a well-organized and fulfilling adventure, advanced booking is required.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s ‘Critters of the Night’ hike is more than just an activity—it’s a chance to interact with nature at its rawest, to revel in the magic of the wilderness shrouded in the enigma of the night. It promises an unforgettable journey, where the charm of the nocturnal creatures spins a bewitching narrative of the Belizean night.

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