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BTB’s Romantic Destination Media Group

So, what does Belize have to offer to Mr. & Mrs. Right?

This was the question to ponder for our visitors this past June when they embarked on a journey to discover the tropical and romantic offerings of Belize. And what better way to start off their journey than at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, Belize’s ‘Hotel of the Year 2012’? 

I must say, weddings are one of our favorite events to plan and we can confidently say that it is one of our many fortés. This was our chance to showcase our abilities to BTB’S Romantic Destination Media Group and WOW them. And we did!

The visit started with a luxurious balcony dinner with our guests at our Running W Steakhouse where they were served with a variety of delicious meals and of course, we had to include a typical Belizean favourite—Cayo Bollos and salbutes.

For the second day of the Media Group’s visit, SIRH planned an out-of-grounds wedding luncheon at the palapa situated on the Crested Caracara Private Reserve. Here, they were able to witness 200 acres of beautiful Belizean pastures and tropical forests while still experiencing a romantic atmosphere.

BTB’s Romantic Destination Media Group

And for the finale, we recreated a wedding reception in our elegant Bedran Hall so they could get the ‘feel’ of celebrating such a special day with us. 

The reception began with our signature Cocktails by the Pool; jeweled-themed, candlelit, assorted drink menu, delicious finger foods, and music by the very talented Katherine Derenzies.

Shortly after, the group was escorted to the Bedran Hall which was beautifully decorated in a chocolate & green setting, tropical flowers, dim lights, candles, and background music. Here, they were able to mingle with other guests and some of our SIRH staff and enjoy a true Belizean luxury wedding. 

BTB’s Romantic Destination Media Group

We all know that a wedding is not a wedding without wedding cake (and well, the bride and groom), so we had that ready too! Coincidentally, one of the friendly editors and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary during this trip so we decided to let them relive their wedding moment and cut the cake.

BTB’s Romantic Destination Media Group 

So, for those of you wondering on the perfect place to get married or spend your honeymoon, remember, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, in Belize, will make sure you are given that deluxe tropical destination getaway.

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