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The Best Rum From Belize To Taste On Your Vacation

The Best Rum From Belize To Taste On Your Vacation

Why do travelers flock to Belize? Weather, wildlife, world-class beaches, dive sites, plus unbelievable scuba experiences, and cuisine guaranteed to make you re-think your preference for French cooking in case you didn’t know it, Belize is home to no fewer than 900 Maya ruins. They’re everywhere you look, from towering compounds to underground caves. The tallest of them all (El Castillo) was recently conquered by England’s Prince Harry.

For adventurous sorts who identify with Indiana Jones and other intrepid explorers, Belize is a mecca, but beyond this coterie of excitement, junkies are those who unapologetically come for the food and libations. Ask bartenders working at resorts, eateries, and pubs what tourists are sampling and they’ll agree that anything mixed with the high-quality rum this nation produces places distillers among those quickly gaining international reputations for taste, quality, and variety. 

The Best Rum From Belize To Taste On Your Vacation

Belize’s Rum industry experiencing meteoric growth

Whether the only rum brand you’ve ever heard of is Bacardi or you have launched a personal mission to sample mojitos prepared with every rum under the sun, we’ll let you in on a secret: Puerto Rico is quickly being outpaced by Belize when it comes to potent, delicious rums guaranteed to delight the likes of Jack Sparrow and Ernest Hemingway. According to Statista, despite the pandemic, rum sales have remained healthy and are predicted to grow annually by 9.15% until 2025. 

The Best Rum From Belize To Taste On Your Vacation

If you’d like to find out why Belize rum is finding a prominent place in international spirit sales, we recommend a tasting trip best enjoyed at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel where bartenders at the award-winning Running W restaurant pride themselves on more than their mixology magic: Every rum worth tasting is stocked behind the bar awaiting your consideration.

A respite from the ordinary

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is more than an elegant property offering you an impressive array of rums. It’s a haven for mind, body, and spirit as well. This family-owned sanctuary is tucked into a jungle and offers guests an experience that has no equal, from accommodations to tours and onsite activities, you may come explicitly for the rum, but you’ll stay for the service, ambiance, and tranquility. 

Further, the Running W restaurant has become a dining destination for tourists and local foodies for understandable reasons. The family’s ranch supplies farm-raised meats, produce is gleaned from neighboring farms and the property’s extensive gardens provide the just-picked herbs used to prepare the resort’s culinary masterpieces. 

The Best Rum From Belize To Taste On Your Vacation

Wrap your stay in a beautiful Belize vacation package

Eliminate the work required to craft an itinerary. San Ignacio Hotel’s Belize vacation packages cover every type of Belize holiday under the sun. Perks include lodgings, meals, tours, and onsite amenities you expect from a property known for catering to repeat guests. Even if you came for the rum, you’ll stick around for the ambiance. Your sojourn at “the only jungle in town” will convince you that paradise on earth truly does exist.

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