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Stay, Eat and Play in Paradise at Belize’s San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Belize Hotels San Ignacio Belize is a unique destination just a few hours south of the U.S. by plane that tends to love its anonymity for myriad reasons, including the laid-back vibe absent at Belize hot spots where crowds and partying turn off travelers seeking tranquility and luxury within pristine surroundings. Where to find the ultimate respite from today’s negative news, your cares, and travails plaguing you in this Covid-saturated world? The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, where you can prioritize eating, relaxing, or playing. Don’t be surprised if doing all three to excess becomes your goal! Goal #1: You want to sojourn amid lush surroundings Best Place To Stay In Belize The San Ignacio Resort Hotel has it all: A tranquil swimming pool, abundant gardens, and plants as befits a former luxury estate and one of Belize’s most famous attractions: The Iguana Conservation Project. It’s located under roof, so you get your fill of iguana breeding information without leaving the resort’s grounds. Proximity to town gives you access to bridges that separate San Ignacio from its sister town of Santa Elena and the San Ignacio Saturday market is a must-visit to sample crafts, foods, and dairy products produced by local Belizean farmers. Goal #2: You want to taste exotic cuisines that showcase Cayo’s diversity Best Belize Resort You’ll hear a dozen languages spoken in the Cayo District which means that cuisine choices are varied and spectacular. In some instances, you won’t fork out more than $7USD for yummy dishes at eateries in town that are tasty and satisfying. Book a San Ignacio Resort Belize vacation package and eat like royalty since meals are included in your package. Among culinary delights featured on the Running W Restaurant menu are savory meats raised on the resort owner’s ranch, just-picked produce and seafood so fresh, guests complain that they tend to overeat because everything is so tasty. Goal #3: You want to play and visit every attraction time allows Belize Vacations 2022The size of Belize is not lost on travelers who appreciate this small country that’s packed with historic, cultural, and recreational sites because small size equals more opportunities to sightsee. San Ignacio Resort Hotel staff takes seriously the wishes and ambitions of guests, some of whom want to see everything under the sun. Visitors roam endless Maya above-ground ruins and caves of all sizes and shapes. Others insist on more adventure in the form of zip lining over jungle canopies, diving into challenging sinkholes inland and offshore. For those seeking a little less excitement, tranquil river and tubing experiences, cultural tours and onsite amenities await. The best way to see as much as possible? Book combo Belize tours to delight all of your senses. What to bring? Few destinations require you to bring so little luggage since San Ignacio Belize Resort Hotel may look like a grand palace but it’s anything but, especially in terms of formalities and interactions with welcoming staff. Do bring your camera, your curiosity, and your highest expectations. You won’t be disappointed.

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