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Belize Reef Week 2014

Much can be said about the beauty of Belize’s barrier reef, from breath-taking views and splendour, to its wondrous and colourful species! It is for this reason Oceana Belize has decided to celebrate this week by creating activities to draw public awareness to one of our greatest natural wonders and the world’s second largest coral reef system.

Oceana Belize aims to draw attention, support, and protect Belize’s barrier reef from negative impacts including habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, and overfishing that has taken place over the past years. As a result, the non-profit organization created a variety of events for this week to inform individuals of the barrier reef’s contribution to our natural and cultural heritage, our Belize economy, and livelihood (Amandala, 2014). Some of the activities included a reef fair, an Instagram competition, boat parade, and a movie night. The week turned out to be a complete success for Oceana!

Winning photo in Oceana's Instagram competition

Winner of the Instagram competition, photo by Andrew Roe

San Ignacio Resort Hotel congratulates Oceana Belize for their sustainable endeavours to conserve our Jewel and promoting a positive Belize adventure…great job!

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